Ransomware Attack

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Ransomware Attack

The world’s most recent issue “Ransom which affected the computers firstly in Ukraine and then spread to different Europe, USA, Russia, all most in every part of the world today.The virus infected top companies like Russia’s biggest oil company, Ukraine’s international airport, global shipping firm AP Moller WPP. This virus crippled Government  Corp’s Windows i.e., the systems which have windows versions overwriting files.With this attack the computers may not be able to show the files, documents and some other data. Because of this type of virus many companies which run based on their previous data are stopped working thus leading to loss in their businesses demanded over $300 in bitcoin payments to This ransomware attack named as exploit of windows Sever Message Block(SMB) protocol.Behind this ransomware attack which systems. Whereas on the other side, this virus and the country. But a post released that NSA has traced the ransomware back to IP addresses associated with the country’s spy agency .Ransomware attack”. Ransomware is a worldwide Moller-Maersk and the world’s biggest advertising agency Government of many states which have computers running Microsoft by encrypting the businesses. To get out of this the attackers get access for restoring the data and set tack “Wanna-cry”. Wanna-cry propagates using eternal NSA states that North Korea infected and made many hospitals, businesses this country said that they have a weak connection between worldwide Cyber attack countries like ing hard drives and settings.

The companies which had affected by this ransomware said about the status of their computers :


Russia’s top oil producer ROSNEFT said its servers had been affected in a large scale but it’s oil production was not affected.


Danish company a shipping giant A.P.MOLLER-MAERSK handles one of the seven containers which are shipped globally, said that port operator APM terminals were attacked by ransomware and with this overall 17 shipping container terminals which run by that APM are also attacked. It included two Rotterdam and 15 in other parts of the world.


WPP is in Britain. It is the world’s biggest advertising company which is also affected by this ransomware. This company said that most of its computers had been affected in attack.Do they need to pay the ransom?Absolutely no, it is crazy and a terrible idea which they should not do. It is the most recent attack. They think more cruel. Getting back the lost data is impossible. The only way for the victims of ransomware can get out of this only if they have backup copies of affected files. But in some cases, if the files are saved on desktop, documents or in any removable drive which have direct impact and these might not be recovered. Thus having a back up of your files may help you some extent to get out of this attack.

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