WireX botnet

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WireX botnet


If you read colours then you are about to be hacked soon.
If you read words then you are strong mentally. You have a great control on you.
This is how hacKING done.The appearance of the app will be one and it is highly contagious to your system and
you. So beware of it .

WireX botnet was used to launch minor DDoS attacks earlier this month, but after mid-August, the attacks
began to escalate.

The  botnet had already infected over 120,000 Android smartphones at its peak earlier this month, and
on 17th August, researchers noticed a massive DDoS attack (primarily HTTP GET requests) originated from
more than 70,000 infected mobile devices from over 100 countries.
These are the some apps which are mostly used these days.

SARAHA, a viral app which secretly steals your entire contact list.
Beware of windows/Mac OS/Linux which are getting viral on FACEBOOK MESSENGER.

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